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Welding of any complexity. Manufacturing of metalware

Types of welding which our company is ready to offer

Argon welding – this type of work is used when you need a permanent weld and combines the use of an electric arc and gas;

Gas welding – this method differs in long heating of metals; it is convenient to control power; as a part of gas welding combustible gas and oxygen are applied;

 Semiautomatic welding – the principle of operation of the machine is that protective gas is fed into the welding zone with a movable electrode wire;

Manual arc welding – in this case, the weld is formed by an electric arc that appears between the electrode and the metal;

Assembly and welding works – assembly of products before welding according to templates, drawings or the original model;

Welding and repair work is needed if the deformation of structures and metal components occurs; it helps to avoid major accidents;

Metalworking and welding services are a complex type of work that includes the manufacture and installation of products;

Resistance-spot welding – the essence of the method consists in connecting metal pieces with two electrodes.

Manufacturing of metalware

SKEP LLC has been manufacturing metal structures of any complexity for many years. Within this time, the company has gained much experience in the manufacture of standard beams, trusses, girders, columns and other construction metalware. We also produce tanks, supports, towers, billboards, and other metal structures. We design and manufacture to order unique products, calculate loads, and select the optimal rolled metal products.

Our company provides complex services. We carry out all types of metalworking, apply protective and / or decorative coatings. We make delivery to objects, carry out assembly and installation of metalware. We conduct the strictest quality control at all stages of production, we give a guarantee for all types of work.

It is convenient and profitable to cooperate with us. We develop drafts based on drawings, sketches and photos. We make estimates, prepare sets of documents, and help with obtaining construction permits. We provide our own transport and special equipment and have highly qualified staff. We flexibly determine prices and always observe the deadline.

About us

The experience of our team, accumulated as a result of more than 15 years vigorous activity, allows us to clearly understand the needs of a client and quickly resolve issues concerning consolidation of all technical, production and human resources.

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