5th Kerchenskaya str., 19, Astrakhan, Russia

Regional offices in:

Atyrau, Aktau, Makhachkala, Novy Urengoy

The system of instrumentation and automation equipment and automation of electrical equipment. Service, repair.

Installation works of the instrumentation and automation equipment or mounting of instrumentation and automated control systems is one of the areas of work of our company.

Automation of technological processes is one of the most important aspects for any enterprise, which significantly reduces labor costs for maintenance and operation of equipment and provides full control of production.

 Main advantages of automation systems:

  1. Monitoring the condition of equipment and the main parameters of the technological process (start and stop of the equipment in automatic and remote control mode);
  2. Increases the efficiency of collecting and processing information for operational and dispatching personnel for monitoring and decision-making;
  3. Detection of pre-accident and emergency situations in the operational mode with the appropriate warning and emergency alarms (sound, color and text messages);
  4.  Ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation of process equipment.

About us

The experience of our team, accumulated as a result of more than 15 years vigorous activity, allows us to clearly understand the needs of a client and quickly resolve issues concerning consolidation of all technical, production and human resources.

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