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Service and installation of fire alarm systems

Timely maintenance of fire alarm systems at facilities extends the period of its use and guarantees its reliable operation.

Ongoing maintenance activities at the facilities are aimed at maintaining the installed system in working order. All safety systems, regardless of operating conditions, require regular maintenance. This affects the safety of property and the lives of people who are in the building.

Maintenance of fire alarm systems depends on the volume and complexity of the works performed.

The pricing process takes into account the area of the object, the brand of the fire alarm equipment, and transport accessibility.

An estimated report on the cost of maintenance works is necessarily attached to the contract that is concluded between the service organization and the company that operates the fire alarm systems. Estimated standards are determined by price lists (regional specification documents).

What is included in the maintenance of fire alarm systems?

The maintenance of the fire alarm system involves conducting a preventive inspection of the structure to check the operability of alarm and fire-fighting equipment elements.

During the process, equipment (detectors, sensors, control and monitoring devices) is tested. The instruction of the staff is obligatory. Fire system maintenance also includes troubleshooting, and maintenance of numbered and sub-listed maintenance log.

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