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Load testing of lifting equipment, inspection of fasteners and removable parts

It is necessary to strictly observe the frequency of maintenance of hoisting machines and mechanisms. Static and dynamic tests of hoisting machines are carried out at least once every three years.

At the next technical inspection of hoisting machines (crane, or other hoisting machines), in addition to a thorough inspection of all mechanisms, a test under load is carried out: static and dynamic. New and overhauled cranes are subjected to static testing under load that exceeds the nominal weight by 25%. Permanent deformations of the truss while testing the crane are not allowed.

In accordance with the “Rules for the design and safe operation of hoisting machines”, Static tests of the hoisting machines are conducted under the load, which is 25% above its capacity parameters. The purpose of this operation is to check the strength of the equipment as a whole and its individual elements. Static testing takes 10 minutes, and the load is lifted to a height of 200-300 mm.


Dynamic testing is performed in case the static tests are satisfactory. The test is carried out by lifting a load, which is 10% heavier than the nominal capacity of the hoisting machine, and is intended to check the work of mechanisms and brakes of the hoisting machine.


Extract from ПБ 10-382-00 (Regulations for the design and safe operation of cranes):

With a full technical inspection, the hoisting machine is subject to:

  • inspection;
  • static test;
  • dynamic test.

Technical inspection is intended to establish that:

  1. a) the crane and its installation conform to present Regulations, passport data and all the documentation submitted for the registration;
  2. b) the crane is in a stable condition which ensures a safe operation.

The test results are reflected in the report.


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