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Installation, repair and maintenance of refrigerated and adsorption type compressed air dehumidifiers

Repair and maintenance of cold type dehumidifiers

Refrigerator dehumidifier of compressed air is, in fact, a refrigerator with refrigerant circulating in it (more often with freon of R134a, R404A brand). Compressed air passing through the lamellar heat exchanger is cooled to the necessary temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius, dehumidification is accompanied by condensation. Most often, this type of equipment has problems with the fan gage pressure switch. The second in prevalence is depressurization of freon circuit as a result of compressor jamming. In any case, if malfunction occurs, it is necessary to diagnose the equipment, only thus it is possible to find out the reason of the loss of working capacity, and to make productive repair.

Repair and maintenance of dehumidifiers of the adsorption type

The principle of operation of the adsorptive dehumidifier is to “absorb” condensate through the use of an adsorbent. Regeneration of the working substance is performed by purging the used column with dry air as a result of switching the system.

Most often, devices of this type fail due to jamming of shuttle valves, premature processing of the adsorbent, violations of the control electronic system, wearing out of the electromagnetic pressure relief valves. In order to make high-quality repair of adsorptive dehumidifier with a complete guarantee of avoiding repetitive situations, a comprehensive diagnostics of the equipment is also required.

It is necessary to trust service of the expensive equipment only to the specialized organizations, as only specialists have knowledge of the principles and subtleties of the equipment.

It is also necessary to note that very often the equipment fails due to the basic ignorance of suppliers. Some models, for example, require maintenance every six months (cleaning of valves is necessary), and some sellers simply do not know this and sincerely believe that maintenance is required only once every 5 years, thus misinforming customers. As a result, there are situations when the valves get jammed, and the equipment needs to be repaired urgently, which is not a guarantee case.

An emergency stop is a forced measure, and it is always highly undesirable, since it leads to downtime and financial losses of the enterprise. When purchasing expensive dehumidifiers, it is recommended to immediately enter into a contract for their maintenance. The cost of the service will be more than repaid thanks to the complete preservation of functionality, reliable operation and complete development of potential.

Our Service department guarantees efficiency in solving issues of restoring the performance of dehumidifiers of any type. The extensive and positive experience of our specialists allows us to guarantee the timely provision of services. As a rule, all issues are successfully resolved on the day of the client’s request, because we have a sufficient staff of craftsmen and always have spare parts and accessories available.

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