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Installation, commissioning of various types of electrical equipment

Complex of commissioning of electrical equipment and electrical installations

Commissioning of electrical installations of power supply systems is the most important stage of the installation process, which is the process of checking, configuring and testing equipment, which will ensure compliance with all the modes and parameters specified in the project documentation.

Commissioning of electrical equipment will help to ensure the effective operation of equipment, eliminate violations and shortcomings in the operation of equipment and networks, as well as guarantee the safety of electrical installations.

Commissioning is carried out by the specialists with extensive experience, permits and admissions for this type of work.

Commissioning works are performed according to the commissioning program approved by the customer, which specifies the terms of work, the modes to which the main process equipment must be brought.

Based on the results of commissioning, a Protocol in which all the obtained parameters as well as a map of security automation settings are displayed. The result is the certified commissioning of the ready object to the Customer.

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The experience of our team, accumulated as a result of more than 15 years vigorous activity, allows us to clearly understand the needs of a client and quickly resolve issues concerning consolidation of all technical, production and human resources.

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