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The services of a boiler house operator. Heating equipment installation, and repair

The boiler house operator from SKEP LLC is a specialist whose job functions are to maintain special heating equipment. The main activity of the boiler house operator is related to the operation and serviceability control of the boiler house equipment, the operation of steam and hot water boilers, modern boilers and auxiliary equipment of boiler plants, control and measurement devices and automation elements, boiler maintenance.

All works are carried out strictly in accordance with safety measures for the operation and repair of boilers and related equipment.

Installation of heating equipment

Installation of heating equipment consists of several stages, each of which requires a competent approach, consistent organization, the use of specialized tools and knowledge of specific equipment.


SKEP LLC performs installation of heating equipment at a high professional level. Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience and specific knowledge.

In order to avoid errors in the assembly of equipment, in its subsequent installation and prevent rapid failure, we rely not only on our own experience acquired over the years of work, but also follow the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer. Before proceeding, we study the technical instructions.

Installation consists of several stages:

  • While opening the box, we always check the equipment for defects and damage. If necessary, we perform degreasing;
  • Assembly of components of the unit and equipment in general;
  • starting-up and adjustment of correct operation of the equipment.

After completing the technical part, we instruct the staff on the correct operation of the equipment.

If necessary, we can perform the dismantling of old equipment, carry out the laying of engineering communications, pack the equipment in a special film, make pre-sale preparation of equipment and modify its design.


About us

The experience of our team, accumulated as a result of more than 15 years vigorous activity, allows us to clearly understand the needs of a client and quickly resolve issues concerning consolidation of all technical, production and human resources.

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