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Development of technical documentation. Design

The development of technical documentation is a necessary condition for the organization of production, manufacture and sale of industrial products.

The relevance of technical documentation development is determined by regulatory requirements aimed at ensuring safety and quality of products during production and operation. Our team is a professional community of technical specialists in the field of supporting the development (modernization) of products and the development of technical documentation, solves the tasks of providing products with technical documentation in the process of its evolution, at all stages of the life cycle.

Development of technical documentation is carried out taking into account the technical level of products and regulatory requirements in the field of its circulation. The range of development services generally includes:

  • development of a set of design documentation;
  • development of a set of technological documentation;
  • scientific and technical support of the development.


Scientific and technical support – a set of measures aimed at organizational and methodological support of development – generally includes:

  • development of feasibility study;
  • development of technical specifications;
  • development of documentation for assessment (confirmation) of compliance with the safety requirements of the technical regulation;
  • approval and adoption of technical documentation;
  • organization and testing, registration of protocols, acts, reports, decisions, orders;
  • organization and conduction of author’s supervision, reclamation work;

methodological support and execution of work on collecting, analyzing, evaluating reliability characteristics and developing measures to maintain their values at a given level.


About us

The experience of our team, accumulated as a result of more than 15 years vigorous activity, allows us to clearly understand the needs of a client and quickly resolve issues concerning consolidation of all technical, production and human resources.

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